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LustLashes Owner and Aggie Discusses her Business

N.C. A&T is home to many innovative students that venture into the industry of entrepreneurship while simultaneously pursuing a degree in their desired field. Nia Sheppard, a senior public relations student from Greensboro, strives to make her business a campuswide and neighborhood name to be recognized and respected. 

LustLashes is Sheppard’s lash business located locally in Greensboro open to the community and college students. In 2018, during Sheppard’s freshman year, the young entrepreneur began to ponder the idea of owning a business and what that would entail. 

In July of 2019, Sheppard created the LustLashes Instagram page, and the brand became official. 

“I basically came up with a plan. I always tell people who are seeking business advice to have a plan when you are seeking to start a business,” Sheppard said. “I knew this was something I wanted to do because I wanted to own my own business and do something in beauty since I changed my major.”

Sheppard enrolled at N.C. A&T, originally with a major in business, but soon realized public relations seemed to fit her interests and long-term desires better. 

“I wanted to create an affordable price and beauty for college students because I know it’s hard, you’re paying other things, and sometimes you may not be working. So, I just wanted to provide nice service and give back to the Aggie community.”

The entrepreneur plans to take her business as far as God allows and aspires to make the business more official after she graduates this upcoming spring. Sheppard understands that being a public relations student, branding and business ownership plays a vast role and plans to implement her education to expand her business. 

Entrepreneurship is a skill that many college students are beginning to venture into, and although it may be tough to adjust to, Sheppard assures Aggies the hard work will pay off.

“[Entrepreneurship] is a form of ownership, it’s a form of courage, it’s a form of stepping out on faith, it’s a form of long days and long nights, it’s a form of trial and error with everything,” Sheppard said. “Tips that I have for college students are, don’t rush, don’t think it’s a competition, run your own marathon, run your own race. What may work for someone else, especially in the lash business and lash industry, may not work for you.”

For customers, they love the business and the professionalism they encounter when getting their lashes done by the stylist. 

“Nia has amazing customer service. She makes sure that her client loves their lashes every time,” junior political science student Arianna Mackey said. “Nia’s personality is what keeps me coming back. She is very personable and always plays great music.”

Sheppard recognizes that her customers are supportive and does not take the support lightly. The owner appreciates the love from her friends, family and returning customers and tries to make her environment as accommodating and understanding as possible.

“I think what makes my customers come back would definitely be like the professionalism [and] me giving people grace. I feel like we’re all human and like yes, have policies [and] go by your rules and policies, but I also feel like giving your customers grace because they are also supporting you as well.”

Sheppard advises aspiring entrepreneurs to stay organized and attempt to stay stress-free as they begin to start on their journey to success.

To visit and support LustLashes, you can follow the Instagram page @lustlashesbyniasimone.

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