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Skaters takeover N.C. A&T’s campus, welcome Neomoblife

Photo Courtesy of: neomoblife

A new skater organization on campus, known as Neomoblife, began as a small skating group of four. Now they are creating a space to share with others and expand on what it means to be a Black skater. 

Founded by David Cruz, Jordan Brodie, Howard Dawkins and Jose Villa Romero, in October, the group created Neomoblife to skate, service and educate their community.

Romero and Dawkins’ inspiration for this organization came from their experience with College Daze and another skate group. 

“Howard’s skate club was the inspiration for the beginning of making this group like a school organization,” Dawkins said. ”College Daze’s inspiration comes [from] getting to see how they plan events out and focus on what the people on campus want.”

Their goal is to change the image of skaters on campus by getting true acknowledgment and helping to create a bigger legacy. 

Their first goal is to get the ‘no skating signs’ on campus removed. ‘No skating signs’ prevent the growth of the skating community, giving N.C A&T control of the location.

UPD makes skateboarding a hassle

“The signs allow them to remove us from skating at any point in time at the school’s discretion,” Dawkins said. “We have been used for people’s school projects, commercials, and events mentioned in tours. It is kind of disrespectful.”

Neomoblife emphasizes the importance of creating a place for everyone to have the

Photographers: @shotfromtwenty & @mustbekobe

opportunity and space to be a part of their community.

“We are not intimidating. Every event we hold is welcome for everyone, even those who have an interest in skating but never learned,” Romero said. “All events are catered to all levels of skaters, and they hope to keep growing their community of skaters.”

He started skating when he was little, eventually using it as a means of transportation.

“I picked skating back up after doing it when I was younger but I haven’t been doing it consistently,” Brodie said. “I definitely want to continue to connect with more skaters on campus and encourage the ones who may be starting, to come skate” 

Neomoblife wishes to continue its contribution to building a judgment-free environment where everyone can grow in skating together. 

“I feel like we had a lot of growth,” Brodie said. “Especially since we are just starting, my goal is just to continue the growth in skate, bring everyone together for more events, and to make it a judgment-free zone.” 

Cruz, a sophomore electrical engineering student, started skating his freshman year of college, after seeing others and thought it would be a great way to make friends. 

Through his work in Neomoblife, Cruz’s goal for the organization is to encourage and change public opinion regarding skaters.

“We come in peace,” Cruz said. “We want to bring a non-toxic N.C. A&T community skate organization.”

Neomoblife is not limited to only men, women skaters are just as influential in building their community. 

Sonni Pressley, a senior kinesiology student, is one part of a team of girls who help create content, curate events and cultivate a space for girl skaters in the organization. 

“Events have such a great turnout, even when editing and finding the right portions of videos,” Pressley said. “No matter what, the video comes out so perfectly because of the whole vibe demonstrated.” 

Photographers: @shotfromtwenty & @mustbekobe

The organization has held many events since its start, with many students on campus participating. Neomoblife recently had a part two to their Girls Go Skate event with a successful turnout. 

“I love it, more women come out, creating a great sense of community,” Pressley said. “Literally come out, they are willing to teach everyone.” 

Numbers are not the only goal for growth in the organization. They also hope to encourage more female skaters to join. 

The skating organization has held four skate events so far and has co-hosted a donation drive.

With many more plans and events coming up for the semester, Neomoblife is determined to make space for all Black skaters to feel comfortable and welcomed in the skating world.

To follow their journey and stay up to date on future events, follow their Instagram page.

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