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Hot Girl/Boy Summer is BACK


Many students agree that 2020 was probably the worst start to the new decade with a near-war with Iran, massive fires in Australia and of course, the outbreak of COVID-19. However, the future of summer 2023 is looking bright, with the infamous saying coming back around, Hot girl (or boys and non-identifying people) summer.

To go back in time, this term was first coined by hip-hop superstar Megan Thee Stallion in her song “Hot Girl Summer,” featuring Ty Dolla Sign and Nicki Minaj. 

Stallion promotes female empowerment throughout her song, saying she cannot be claimed by one person during hot girl summer. This empowerment can be applied to all genders. Do not let the “girl” in “hot girl summer” stop you from being your best self.

Kaniah Williams, a freshman psychology student, never thought about how the phrase should be more inclusive, but agrees that more should be done overall as it relates to coining phrases like this.

“I was aware of how popular the phrase was when it was first coined, but never thought about how far it has come, and how inclusive we all should be as it relates to living out our best lives as our true selves,” 

So what can students learn from this song and phrase? Aaliyah Whitemore, a sophomore mechanical engineering student, says that embracing the hot girl summer era means to hold yourself to a high standard and not settling for anything less than what is deserved. 

“Be true to your identity rather than catering to what society tells you is appropriate, and never base your self-worth on validation from others. This is the true meaning of a ‘hot girl summer’ and having this mentality will get you far beyond just the summertime,” Whitmore said.

If you want to wear that bikini, do it. If you want to wear those swim trunks, do it. Express yourself freely through your clothes, and wear whatever makes you feel confident and beautiful, because only the way you perceive yourself matters. 

Deon Williams, a freshman biomedical engineering student, fully believes that guys have every right to experience a hot boy summer if they so please. He says it is easy for guys to come across as too confident, but believing in that confidence and not caring about what other people have to say makes a guy stand apart even more.

“When you are really embracing your hot boy summer, people will admire you for embracing yourself and your ability to be comfortable in your own skin. You’ll find your own confidence will skyrocket as well,” Williams said.

Being the best version of yourself requires taking some risks. But without risks, there would be no growth. Focus on actively improving yourself to keep from having a hot girl bummer.

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