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Netflix visits N.C. A&T

Netflix visits N.C. A&T

October 15, 2019

Five male weight loss myths

June 9, 2011

(ARA) - For many men, starting a weight loss regimen may seem unnecessary and cumbersome. If you're like a lot of guys, you may be thinking that losing weight is a matter of staying active, and watching what you eat is more wo...

Iodized salt prevents brain damage, but studies suggest looming crisis

June 8, 2011

(ARA) - Lara Martin grew up with iodized salt on her family's dinner table and now she makes certain her two children, ages 15 and 9, get enough in their diets. "We were always taught that iodized salt is good for you," says M...

Innovative ways to sell your car

June 1, 2011

Perhaps you're ready to upgrade to a newer car or simply no longer need your car. Whatever the case, selling a car can be a challenge. What is the best way to sell a car? It's time to put some creativity to the test. You need to make sure people know that you have a car for sale. So make signs, take a vi...

Practical tips for migraine relief

May 30, 2011

(ARA) - Anyone who has ever experienced a migraine knows how debilitating it can be. When you're suffering from a migraine, it's likely that you have a hard time focusing on anything else besides the pain you're enduring. If migraines are in...

Moving out of your apartment? Tips to help you plan

May 30, 2011

If you will soon be moving out of your apartment into another apartment or a house you've purchased, it's time to plan your move. You have to keep track of numerous details, ranging from budgeting to signing the move-out pap...

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