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U.S. government spies on Europe

October 30, 2013

BERLIN — Michael Goewe was excited when he arrived in his nation’s capital to see the sights. But as he was planning this visit back in his home in Cologne, he hadn’t figured the seemingly boring U.S. Embassy in central B...

Palestinian-Israeli tension mounts by the day

October 30, 2013

RAMALLAH, West Bank — The peace talks between the Israelis and Palestinians are progressing painfully slowly, with few details emerging, and the atmosphere around the negotiations is one of rising tension and frustration. The Palestini...

Never too early to plan for college

October 30, 2013

Look at your cute baby, and imagine the little tyke wearing a high school cap and gown about 17 years from now. Picturing the child holding a diploma, when he or she can’t even hold a rattle yet, is probably next to impossibl...

Police and FBI investigations of Boston Marathon explosions continue

April 16, 2013

BOSTON (AP) — Two bombs exploded in the crowded streets near the finish line of the Boston Marathon on Monday, killing at least three people and injuring more than 140 in a bloody scene of shattered glass and severed limbs ...

Despite U.S. concerns, Islamists join Syria fight

April 10, 2013

WASHINGTON —For all the Obama administration’s vocal concern about Islamist extremists fighting in Syria, neither U.S. officials nor regional allies have taken significant action to stem the flow of jihadists to rebel ranks. The jihadist pipelin...

Smaller crowd, but still excitement this time

January 24, 2013

Schoolteacher Patricia Cooper gazed out at the many hundreds of thousands of people lining the National Mall, moments after Barack Obama had been sworn in for the second time as president. Schoolteacher Patricia Cooper gazed out...

Possible second suspect in recent college shooting

January 24, 2013

A second suspect may emerge in the aftermath of the shooting at a Houston-area community college that left three people injured, the Harris County sheriff said Wednesday. A second suspect may emerge in the aftermath of the sh...

Thousands rally against stricter gun control in US

January 20, 2013

Gun advocates — some with rifles slung across shoulders or pistols holstered at the hip — have rallied peacefully in state capitals nationwide against President Barack Obama's sweeping federal gun-control proposals. Summoned via social media...

No justice in NYC soldier’s hazing case

December 18, 2012

The family and friends of an Asian-American soldier who committed suicide after being hazed by fellow soldiers said Tuesday that the punishment the soldiers have received was only a slap on the wrist. "Our son died, and there ...

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