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Maxie B’s – The Sweet Review


One look at the tiny dessert parlor known as Maxie B’s in Garden Square may have you thinking you’re

buying furniture instead of a slice of heaven. Then again, you may be questioning your intuition to stay in

line for 10 to 15 minutes for a brief taste of fulfillment.

Let me tell you now. It. Is. Worth. It.

That’s right, you’re probably salivating while reading this right now. But wait, before you start to drool

all over this mighty fine newspaper, let’s discuss the mouthwatering pastries that will have you ready to

wait in line for an hour to get a taste of paradise.

Seasonal Selections – It’s such a drag to not have these goodies available year-round but let’s dive



Strawberry Shortcake – For all you strawberry fans out there, this 2-layer cake filled with freshly picked

strawberries will have you dancing around in circles to figure out why it took you so long to find this

place. Don’t forget the Whipped Cream!

Red, White, and Blueberry Cake – Simple and plain with a twist. Gooey happiness. This marvelous

invention is stacked 2-layers high, made with not only blueberries, but strawberries, oh did I mention,

Whipped Crème.

Are you salivating yet? Guess what. We’re just getting started. ~

Fruity Cakes – Fruit and Cake. Need I say more?

Banana Pudding Cake – Who said Banana Pudding can’t go into a cake. Cream cheese, fresh bananas

and those delicious Nillas. Respect the classics, because this is arguably one of the best treats.

Hummingbird– One might question why would I eat hummingbird cake, but after the first bite, you’ll

find the reason why. Bananas, Pineapple, and pecans. Not your ordinary mix, but it takes the cake. Can’t

forget about that cream cheese frosting.

Sour Cream Coconut Cake – For all you Coconut fans out there. Settle down, they made one for you too.

This nut cake is made with 3 layers of coconut flavored cake, filled with coconut filling oozing out the

pockets of pure deliciousness.

Apple Cake – Most people fight over the last slice of apple pie – simmer down—Maxie B’s came up with

a solution: Apple Cake. All the ingredients needed for joy to take place. Choose between cinnamon cream

cheese or caramel cheese icing.

Raspberry Lady Cake – Raspberry isn’t your daily fruit, and with good reason: it belongs in cake – as a

jam that is. With layers of cream cheese, coated with daily fresh-made raspberry jam. It’s to die for, but

not really, but yes really.

~ If you’ve made it this far without ruining a good shirt, I applaud your will-power. ~

Chocolate Cakes – Layers and Layers of Chocolate. In this section, we’re going on a chocolate trip

through on our favorite chocolate chips.

Chocolate Sin Cake – They made a cake about sinning…then pleading to repent after you eat this

massive chocolaty goodness. Velvety, seamless chocolate, almond icing – all that combined in one. Why

wouldn’t this make you confess all of your sins to a priest?

Oreo Cake – All Oreo fans, they have you covered in all aspects. Your inner child will be gushing out to

rip this cake to shreds. They put Oreos in a cake, lathered it with layers of chocolate, and it provides slight

ecstasy in your mouth.

Devil’s Food Cake – You might as well get ready for a night full of prayer. Not one, not two, but three

layers of chocolate cake, with double chocolate frosting on top. My mouth is drooling right now, and so

should yours.

~ Hang in there, we’re wrapping up. I gotta admit: teasing is fun. ~

Cupcakes – If you’re truly excited as I am right now, you’ve tried one of these itsy-bitsy bites of


Regular Cupcakes, Filled Cupcakes, Artisan Cupcakes, Decorated Cupcakes, Mini Cupcakes,

Jumbo Cupcakes, essentially they have any cupcake you can think of.

Honorable Mentions – We wanted to take the time out to give a shout-out to all the fan favorites. We

didn’t forget about you.

Five Favor Pound Cake

-Cream Cheese Pound Cake

-Etta Lea’s Chocolate Pound Cake

-Caramel Cake

-Brown Stone Front Cake


By: Dominique Moody

(Photos owned by Maxie B’s.)
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