Managing jobs and school

By Shelby Graham

Many full-time college students find it hard to balance their academic and work schedules. At times, some are left to choose one or the other. As college students, we deal with enough stress from the work load provided by our professors. This makes it difficult to be eager to go to work after a rough day filled with school work.

So what do we do when “money is the motive?” We push ourselves because we believe that hard work pays off. Although in the long run, we eventually burn ourselves out. Here are a few tips to help students manage being a full time student while having a job.

1.Find a flexible job

As a full-time student, you will be putting more stress on yourself by trying to find a full-time job with a set schedule. Find a job that accommodates students. Your job should work around your school schedule. You should not have to work your school schedule around your work schedule.

2. Schedule time off work

Try to schedule time off work during high-stress times such as midterms and finals. You don’t want to be scheduled to work right before a huge test. This will take away from valuable study time which is essential to your academic success. You may also want to check the calendar and see when homecoming (GHOE) falls. Every student should at least participate in a few events.

3. Make your manager aware

Communication is key to having a job as a full-time student. Make sure your manager is fully aware that you are a student. Have you ever been asked to pick up shifts on your day off and you just couldn’t because you had a load of homework? Your boss will be 10 times more understanding if you communicate early on that you are a student.

4. Take advantage of your days off

Catch up on sleep. This is probably one of the most important tips. College students are naturally always tired from just school. Imagine full-time school and a part-time job. You will be extremely tired. To avoid burnouts, I recommend catching up on sleep on the days that you do have off.

5. Time management

Set a schedule that you can adhere to daily. You have a set time for your classes and you also have a set time to be at work. Don’t forget to set time in between or after for yourself. Set a time for naps in between classes. Set a time for your meals. SET A TIME TO DO HOMEWORK! Homework is one of the most difficult tasks to manage. You get homework every day and you may work every day. You want to ensure you have time set aside to complete it.

Managing school and work is one of those things that is easier said than done. You can follow all of these tips and still be unsuccessful. Although these tips should help one be able to juggle school and work, it is not the key to success. The key to success is finding your own pace to be able to manage both. Everyone is different. My best advice to students looking to work is take time to breathe. Anything is possible. Don’t think you’re a superhero. Keep your eye on the finish line. We are all in school for a reason. Which ultimately is a degree. Don’t let a job keep you from being successful academically.