A Black Superman?


Jaylin Saunders, theScene Lead Reporter

The comic book movie business is a funny business. With Marvel taking over the superhero movie industry, their rival comic book brand, DC Comics has been playing catch up with them and they haven’t been doing very well.

DC Comics may have hit their biggest setback. Superman, the Man of Steel, is the poster boy for the DC comics movies. The movie that began the DC film universe was Man of Steel in 2013. This was the first appearance of Henry Cavill as Superman and since then he has played Superman everytime the character was on screen.

Recently, Henry Cavill has officially parted ways with DC saying he is stepping away from the role. The DC movie franchise is nowhere near the point where they can continue without Superman, so they have to try to move in a different direction.

Rumors have been circulating what direction it could be. Many believe they will use Supergirl to replace Superman. However, most are about re-casting, and the one re-casting rumor sent the internet in a frenzy.

Michael B. Jordan unarguably has had a great year, and he is rumored to be the next son of Krypton. This is just a rumor, but it is not far fetched.

Although,  many people believe they are forcing Superman to be black. In the DC Comics realm, there is such thing as a black Superman. Therefore, the studio is not making this up. The question is, are moviegoers ready to see this type of change. Superman is a character who has always been white, and people have just gotten used to it. Maybe it is time for a change.

Marvel has thought about going the same direction as Spiderman, by bringing a biracial Spiderman, Miles Morales, into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel chose not to change spiderman and stuck to Peter Parker for the movies. However, the biracial Spiderman will be getting his own animated movie coming to theaters this December.

Clark Kent has been portrayed by many actors in a plethora of movies and tv shows.  A switch in his character may make him more interesting.

Michael B. Jordan has proven he can play a great comic character with his portrayal of Erik Killmonger in Marvel’s Black Panther earlier this year. Therefore, he could bring the same emotion and depth to the role of Superman.

The backlash of the rumor is understandable with many feeling that since no one wants to write minority characters then the representation is forced and not done well. While it is true most of the time, Michael B. Jordan as Superman may not be bad, but different. In this day and age with the film industry being run by the majority, different is definitely needed.