Fashion trends for fall 2018

6 Fall Fashion Trends that will blow your mind!!!

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Fashion trends for fall 2018

Krystal L. Hall, Guest Columnist

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Statement Coats/Trench Coats

It’s finally fall and we all could use a nice statement coat, trench coat or both! Whether you have a statement coat with strips, plaid, animal print or other forms of graphics, it’s always great to have one in your closet this season.

Creative Purses

Whether you own a few or a lot, big or small, designer or in style, you are bound to want more in your wardrobe this season! Adding a purse to an outfit is an ultimate upgrade to make your outfit go from “Eh” to “YASSSSS” real fast!

Loose Fitting Trousers

Trousers that fit loose yet huggable in all the right places are totally in and are very versatile. They can be worn professionally with a nice blazer or dressed down for a more casual look during the fall season.

Animal Prints

Animal prints are back in style, yall! I’ve been seeing different arrays of prints such as leopard, crocodile and snakeskin. Whether it’s worn on your shoes or your shirt, invest in something with animal print and pop out!  

Pleated Skirts

I must admit that I did not like pleated skirts at first sight. My exact thoughts were, “Are we reliving Little House on the Prairie?” However, as time went on and I saw various fashion bloggers strut them on Instagram, I immediately fell in love! I just purchased my very own from H&M. Get you one sis!

Wide Leg Trousers

I love love, love wide leg trousers. Whether they’re paired with a nice graphic top or a sophisticated blouse, they can be worn so many ways and to so many occasions. If you don’t own a pair what are you waiting for?!