20 Questions – 2/8/2019

  1. Is Lebron tampering?
  2. Do y’all know how to clean up after yourselves?
  3. Who raised you?
  4. Why is the baby caf going down hill so fast?
  5. Are y’all still being innocent bystanders?
  6. Y’all wrapping it up this Valentine’s Day?
  7. Did you really shoot your shot at Shoot Your Shot?
  8. Are y’all getting tested after Valentine’s Day?
  9. Are y’all gonna keep your boos after Valentine’s Day?
  10. What is Bennett gonna do with the extra 3 mil?
  11. So y’all mean to tell me Ms. Bennett only got the 11th spot?
  12. When y’all tearing the Dome down?
  13. Are y’all gonna bench the band too?
  14. So y’all ain’t checking your closets?
  15. How many of y’all was standing in that Delta interest line?
  16. Y’all know that business professional isn’t prom wear, right?
  17. Did y’all like that taste of spring?
  18. Are we not gonna acknowledge global warming?
  19. Is the administration really gonna change the sexual assault policies?
  20. Are y’all even gonna attend the sexual assault forum?