20 Questions: Week of 2/22


1. Will the#PieceOfYourLoveChallenge come to A&T?
2. Where y’all get this All Star Weekend money from?
3. Who’s in charge of the NCAT shaderoom?
4. Is integrity more important than money?
5. Who came up with the #GHOE19 lineup?
6. Why is Spring Break so early?
7. Are y’all sick after being half-naked yet?
8. Y’all really gonna vote for Kamala Harris?
9. Is Kanye West still cancelled?
10. Are y’all taking climate change seriously?
11. Why did the BGMM perform at All-Star Weekend?
12. Y’all really not tryna be in SGA?
13. Y’all pulled up to Bennett’s gym jam, you gonna pull up to the trial date?
14. @ncatsga = Trump Administration?
15. Do we need to build a boat and get two of everything?
16. Are y’all gonna gonna pay your college athletes now?
17. Is R. Kelly really going to jail this time?
18. How many times y’all go bumpity-bump-bump on John W. Mitchell Drive?
19. So y’all send out Aggie Alerts for a robbery but not sexual assaults?
20. Are Black people still going to live in Forsyth County, Georgia?
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