Jaylin Saunders, theSCENE Editor

Talent is definitely in abundance on North Carolina A&T State University’s campus. Students all over campus showcase their talents all over social media. One of those students is Quentin Norman, a Business Administration student from Charlotte, North Carolina at NCAT and he is a great dancer with several other talents as well.

Quentin has been dancing since 2009, He says what inspired him to start dancing was when “Step Up 2” came out and his has been improving ever since. He says dancers that inspire him are Fik-Shun, and the Les Twins.

Another inspiration for his is seeing his growth. “Seeing my improvement from one point to the next makes me more comfortable with dancing.”

Quentin continues saying “I remember at one point I wanted to quit dancing because I wasn’t confident in my dancing.”

But he says that when he got to A&T and surrounded himself with more people that had the same interest as him that when he took his dancing to the next level. Watching people around him dance and being part of a dance crew really inspired him to grow from his dancing as well.

When asked how feels when he is dancing he says that it all depends on the song. He says that song projects the emotion he will feel when he dances and when that emotion kicks in, he finds his groove and that’s when the magic happens.

He dances for his enjoyment of course but he says the main reason he dances is to give back. “ I’m big on inspiring other people, so I try to use all my talents to show others that there is a way out. Some people don’t know how to express themselves and you can express yourself through writing, acting, dancing or really just whatever you enjoy doing.”

KILLSHOT continues saying, ‘I feel like the people that are watching me may not know they have a voice but hopefully, I can give them one.” He finishes saying “I just want to grow so others can grow along with me.”

Giving back to others is very big to the Charlotte native. Quentin has a non-profit business called Spiritual Alignment that gives back to communities and spreads the love of God.

He uses it to hopefully reach more people. He wants people to know that if things are going bad they will not always be that way.

“The tough times don’t last forever. So whatever I can do to inspire people and give them a sense of hope then I’m going to do it” He said.

Quentin’s talents stretch beyond dancing. He also writes poetry, acts, and films as well.

Quentin is definitely going to have an impact on many lives. He is a super good dancer and everyone should check him out. He posts his dancing videos to Instagram, his Instagram is spiritual_alignment. You can find all the great things there. Be sure to check out what he has now and what he has to come!