NC A&T alum continues to use her talent

NC A&T alum continues to use her talent

Morgan Hawthorne, Contributor

N.C. A&T Alumna, Jessica Simone has an evolving nail business she started while a student.

Simone started doing nails in April of her senior year and has continued to expand her brand. In May 2018, Jessica Simone graduated with a bachelors in art and visual design.

“Honestly I really didn’t put myself out there until like August 2018 when I felt like I was good enough, but as soon as I posted on Twitter, A&T definitely supported me and showed me a lot of love,” Simone said.

Understanding how it is to be a college student, Simone offers discounts. Her prices start at $55 and all her work is done with acrylics.

“Since I work with a lot of college students I offer package deals that start at $60; so you get any length, and any color,” said Simone.


Simone is looking to expand her business and her brand on many platforms in the near future.

“Clients are wanting youtube videos, and I’m working with a few people on campus and organizations to plan some giveaways, but I’m still growing.”

Simone is open to any collaborations in the future.

“I worked with a lot of girls on campus who do hair and have other business to set up raffles,” said Simone.

Simone believes this is not just a hobby, but a passion that will allow her to grow.

“This is my career. I’ve actually networked with different nail techs in California, New York, Texas, and Florida.”


She has had the opportunity with Teyana Taylor at her nail shop Junie Bee nails.

As Simone’s nail business continues to grow, she wants to help not only herself but other nail techs as well.

“I’m starting a youtube channel and launching a glitter line for makeup artists and nail techs to use. Eventually, I want to have a big enough space where I can create a hub for nail techs who are more into the artistry so I can support and help them,” said Simone.

Simone can be contacted for business inquiries through her Twitter @xjessicasimone, Instagram @designsbyjessicasimone, and her business email [email protected].