20 Questions – 3/15/19

  1. Y’all still got money after spring break?
  2. Was spring break really long enough?
  3. Did you make the 2400?
  4. Are people still singing R. Kelly?
  5. Did y’all get your rejection letter yet?
  6. How many unpopular opinions y’all have?
  7. Y’all ready to get your doors knocked on?
  8. How hungry do you have to be to choose Fritos first?
  9. Who do you think is blacker, Kamala or Cory?
  10. Is AggieFest gonna be festive this year?
  11. @AggieDining, two chicken nuggets? (Soulja Boy voice)
  12. Did sis deserve to be a finalist?
  13. How many times y’all gonna run for something and LOSE?
  14. How was the sexual assault forum part two?
  15. How is a door out of order?
  16. Y’all trust the elevators in GCB?
  17. Can we get Megan thee Stallion for AggieFest? 
  18. Are you only gonna vote for your friends… again ?
  19. How did you enjoy hometown week?
  20. Did y’all go crazy or did y’all go stupid?