Who are The Avengers

Elijah McClure, theSCENE Lead Reporter

People worldwide have all come to love the Marvel franchise because of the amazing Marvel Avengers movies that have been released over the last several years.


We all know the heroes and how they came to be in the movies but do we truly know the original Avengers from the comics?


The first comic book issue of the Avengers was released September, 10 1963. The Marvel universe and the Avengers were created from the creative minds of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Lee Being the writer/editor of the Marvel universe and Kirby using his artistry to create the image of the characters and comic book covers.


The Avengers we know today is slightly different from what was first written in 1963. To start the Avengers franchise off in the comics it originally featured Iron-man, The Hulk,  Ant-man, Wasp, and Thor.


The Avengers we know today features Captain America, Hawkeye, Thor, Iron-man, The Hulk, and Black widow.


According to ‘Marvel.com’ Captain America was the first new recruit to the Avengers and was introduced in the fourth issue of the comic book series.


The Black widow originally was an antagonist in the Iron-man comic book series where she was a Russian spy who later joined the S.H.I.E.L.D a U.S. government spy agency in the Marvel universe. Once Black widow joined S.H.I.E.L.D she helped assist the Avengers in some of their missions throughout the comics then later joined the team.


Hawkeye was also introduced as a villain in the Marvel comic entitled ‘Tales of suspense’ but later joined the Avengers in issue number 16 and has remained a prominent member since joining.


Marvel studios began to slowly piece together the Avengers by releasing one of the members of the Avengers in their own solo movie. The start of the Avengers making their way to Hollywood big screen began with the first Iron-man movie released in 2008 and In the same year, ‘The Incredible Hulk’ was released.


Three years later we had two more members featured in their own solo movie. ‘Thor’ the movie was released in May of 2011 and ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ was released in July of 2011.


Since then Iron-man, Captain America, and Thor have all had 2 sequels to follow featuring other Marvel heroes some of them being members of the Avengers. In 2012 the Avengers were brought together for their first ever featuring all the heroes together on the big screen.


The first Avengers movie took place with the assembling of the Avengers due to Thor’s adopted brother Loki joining forces with an alien army to take over planet earth with an alien power called the tesseract which contained the space stone one of the infinity stones.


Thanks to the Avengers, Loki and the alien army were defeated and they were able to retrieve the tesseract and save the earth.


In the Avengers 2 movie entitled ‘Age of Ultron’  Tony Stark (Iron-Man) tries to bring back a peacekeeping program by the name of Ultron but things go wrong when Ultron turns evil. Ultron has remained dormant for so many years he now hates humans and wants to turn all technology into weapons and destroy the earth.


To try and defeat the evil robot Stark created a robot by the name of Vision who had an infinity stone implanted in his head which was the mind stone. With the creation of Vision, the Avengers were able to destroy Ultron’s body and programming saving earth yet again.


For the third Avengers movie entitled ‘Infinity war’ our favorite heroes were faced with the most difficult villain yet. The Avengers were put up against one of the strongest enemies in the galaxy by the name of Thanos.


Thanos created a gauntlet to hold all six of the infinity stones and went in search for all of the stones to try to destroy all of the planets.


Unfortunately, the Avengers were pitted against too strong of a villain and fans were left with a cliffhanger at the end of the movie in a seemingly defeat. Since the release of the infinity war in 2018, we received the next title for the Avengers movie entitled ‘End game’.

Going into the end game fans should expect to see the aftermath of the infinity war and how it affected all of the Avengers. Marvel’s Avengers ‘End game’ will be hitting theaters April 26. Earth’s mightiest heroes will assemble one last time for what could be the best Marvel movie we have seen yet.