‘Us’: The Best Movie of 2019 So Far

Ayanna Miller, Social Media Assistant

Coming fresh off the success of his directorial, Oscar-winning debut “Get Out”, Jordan Peele set his sights on his next big hit. Peele’s sophomore effort, “Us”, was kept under wraps for months and had very high expectations. The only taste that fans got was an ominous poster that dropped last May with Rorschachian silhouettes and a vague summary about a nuclear family on vacation.


While different theories floated around, Peele solidified one thing: that it would not be a sequel to “Get Out”; and when the trailer dropped in December, everyone’s expectations were exceeded when we found out the actual plot: a crazed set of doppelgängers.


The film, which stars, Black Panther’s Lupita Nyong’o and Winston Duke, centers around their characters Adelaide and Gabe Wilson and their children Zora and Jason (Shahadi Wright Joseph and Evan Alex) and their summer vacation in Santa Cruz. Yet, Adelaide has reservations when distant memories of a 1986 boardwalk House of Mirrors incident keep flooding back. When Adalaide begins noticing strange coincidences, that’s when things start to begin to go awry.


Adelaide finally decides to confide in her husband about the strange incidents when look-alikes called Tethereds invade and terrorize them and their home. Now it is up to the family to fight for their survival from themselves.


Us” takes a very different approach from “Get Out”, yet, the two should not be compared. While “Get Out” took a psychological approach and took a bit of time to get to the gory horror elements of the film, “Us” brings that in about 30 minutes in and delivers a “Twilight Zone” type vibe. “Us” also does not take the approach of linear storytelling and instead, jumps back and forth from the 1980s to present day Adelaide to tell her story.


The performances of the child actors were phenomenal. Their portrayal of their ‘normal’ selves and their Tethered were very believable. Joseph’s performance was especially chilling with her unwavering Tethered smile and witty banter. Duke’s role as an awkward dad was also spot on. As the comic relief of “Us”, some of his lines were


However, the standout performance was definitely by Nyong’o. Nyong’o’s performance of her Tethered, Red, was more than Oscar worthy. You can feel the betrayal that Red felt and see the crazed look in her eyes. If you’ve seen the movie, we can agree that the final 20 minutes of the movie is when Nyong’o really shines.


As an avid horror movie watcher, I thoroughly enjoyed the film. It is not as scary as one may think, but it does keep you on edge. With stunning cinematography, a score that echoes in your mind after you leave the theater and shocking twists and turns, it is a film that warrants multiple viewings to catch the little things that you may have missed. (And trust us, there is at least one thing that you may have missed).


Peele isn’t the next Hitchcock or the next Wes Craven. With “Us”, Peele has definitely solidified himself as his own horror-film virtuoso and is a 10/10, would recommend.


(P.S. I don’t think no one will ever be able to listen to “I Got 5 On It” the same way ever again)