Diversity in Hollywood

Jaylin Saunders, theSCENE Editor

Hollywood has been majority white since it was established in 1853.

All anyone saw on  TV were all white casts and no representation on the minority. It was to a point that if they wanted someone black on TV they would just paint their face.

After a while of all white tv shows, they finally put minorities on screen but in the way, they felt they should be symbolized.

The majority of black people on screen back then only had roles such as slaves, maids, and other parts that lessened the black race to be soon as only helpers to the majority.

For a while minorities had to wait for the spotlight. No one wanted to see minorities take a big spot on the screen and now minorities still are pushed to be only supporting roles.

Black people are now pushed to play the same roles. Asians are almost always the villains in every movie. And Latinos haven’t been able to hit the screen without drug cartels evolved which all of these examples can be seen as racism.

It is the sad truth of Hollywood and there should be change. In recent years it is hard to find a black film or tv show without crime or violence.

Almost every black movie has been the same type of plot or character roles and it is getting old fast.

Recently it has changed a bit and moving in the right direction but the problems are still there.

Black people aren’t the only minority that is looked over by Hollywood.

According to the Chicago Tribune, “Hollywood still has a long way to go in Lasting Latinos.” A lot of Latinos have been forced to play the same supporting roles as well as black people have.

Leads many people to paint an image of them that is based on stereotypes.

Minority directors also are very scarce in Hollywood. The Directors Guild of America(DGA) states “The number of minority film directors hit a 5-year low last year” and that it was down 46% since 2013.

A lot of minority directors find it very hard to put the story they want to tell on the screen. With the common trend of majority overpowering and shadowing minorities in everything, it is hard to make it far in making movies.

Very talented minority directors are looked over and treated less than just because they do not look like everyone else.

It’s so rare to see a movie by a minority do successfully as movies that showcase more white people. In 2018, many witnessed Ryan Coogler bring Black Panther to the big screen and watched it climb the ranks.

Many were very happy to see the film do so well because most of the class were black and the director as well.

It was far from the stereotypical “black movie” and was received greatly with all races and this is what needs to be seen more.

A movie that has minorities outside of the role people think they should play and in roles that people wouldn’t regularly see them in so the image that people have about certain minorities are erased so that they can escape the stereotypes that Hollywood won’t let go.