20 Questions – 4/26/19



  1. Did y’all enjoy Aggie Fest?
  2. So Jacquees can go to Clark Atlanta but not N.C. A&T?
  3. How long are y’all gonna wait before y’all start spoiling Endgame?
  4. Y’all voting for Joe?
  5. Are y’all in grade recovery mode?
  6. Did y’all Google search Thanos?
  7. Who stopped talking to y’all after SGA elections?
  8. Did y’all really deserve those Gala awards, or was it just clout?
  9. To walk or not to work? That is the question
  10. Are y’all going to College Beach Week?
  11. Are those professors gonna grade our papers on time?
  12. Are y’all done taking pictures outside the Student Center?
  13. Did y’all get housing for next year?
  14. Can we be friends?
  15. How many of y’all are gonna cheat on your college boos over the summer?
  16. Did y’all hear back from y’all’s potentials summer internships?
  17. Did y’all follow #NCAT23 back?
  18. Did y’all get your graduation pics done?
  19. Are y’all gonna miss your #NCAT19 friends?
  20. Are y’all ACTUALLY gonna read our 20 questions next year?