20 Questions – 9/6/19


  1. Does Stunna4vegas know we don’t sell phones?
  2. Lightskin= biracial?
  3. Did y’all really think class would be cancelled because of the hurricane?
  4. How y’all run out of flex already?
  5. Y’all already selling pep rally tickets?
  6. #NCAT23 can we have our student center back? 
  7. Has Trump never really seen a category 5?
  8. Could Nicki not take having a Hot Girl Summer?
  9. Does Howard University really want smoke?
  10. Who’s trying to get Beto a hoodie?
  11. Did you buy your man 2K20?
  12. How many of y’all lost your man to 2K20?
  13. Does she really belong to the streets?
  14. Or does she really belong to the student center?
  15. So y’all going to the VSU concert instead?
  16. Hot Girls v. City Boys…. Who won?
  17. Y’all put a draw four on a draw two?
  18. So where are we suppose to park?
  19. Who still doesn’t have housing?
  20. Y’all still cuddling on a twin mattress?