20 Questions- 9/13/19


  1. Are yall still not wearing deodorant?
  2. Who  pregamed before the block party?
  3. Did yall do the “I’m lit” dance?
  4. So NCCU really said we can’t come to their homecoming?
  5. Did y’all get jobs at the career fair?
  6. Y’all thirsty at the career fair?
  7. Did y’all see Spider-Man at the block party?
  8. Were those locals at the block party?
  9. WSSU did y’all really drive to Greensboro for our party?
  10. Is Rihanna really pregnant?
  11. Are the democrats actually gonna support HBCUs?
  12.  Y’all still watching “Power”?
  13. Does he belong to the T?
  14. Y’all triggered by the new iPhone cameras?
  15. Y’all got your GHOE fits yet? 
  16. How many of y’all phones mysteriously stopped working?
  17. Trump, are you going to tag Chrissy Teigen?
  18. Is DaBaby gonna have the same flow on every song?
  19. When are they going to fix the “S” on the bookstore?
  20. BYO Buns to Popeyes?