Bloodshot comes off comic pages in new trailer

Jamaul Moore, Contributor

On the day of October 21, 2019, Sony Pictures released the first trailer for their upcoming film, Bloodshot. 

Starring Vin Diesel, Bloodshot is based on the superhero character of the same name from Valiant Comics. 

Bloodshot / Ray Garrison first appeared in mainstream comics in 1992 and was created by Kevin VanHook, Don Perlin, and Bob Layton, who was a soldier that was subsequently turned into an assassin by a government agency, with no memory of his past life but endowed with enhanced strength and healing abilities. 

“The easiest way to describe Bloodshot is he’s a mash-up of Wolverine and The Punisher… even if the end result is a unique character,” said IGN India reporter Jesse Schedeen. 

A film centering around Bloodshot began development in March 2012. 

Two years later casting kicked into high gear with names including Jared Leto and Vin Diesel were in negotiations for the title role, which ultimately was given to the latter.

While the film was supposed to be released in 2017, it suffered push backs by Columbia Pictures until it settled on a release date of February 21, 2020. 

Bloodshot is reportedly the first film in a planned shared cinematic universe, much like the MCU, based on various Valiant Comics properties, with a sequel and crossover with other Valiant characters but due to Sony selling the rights of Harbinger to Paramount, the Valiant cinematic universe might be in jeopardy. 

For the time being, it all depends on the critical and commercial performance of the film. 

What sets Bloodshot apart from other superhero movies is that the source material is smaller scale than other comic book companies and has a grounded tone instead of a fantastical, colorful setting of Marvel and DC comics. 

With an approach like that, most movies tackle the character’s emotional journey, going against a traditional movie structure in similar works.

“Bloodshot is more akin to movies like RoboCop and Memento than the Marvel Cinematic Universe” said Dave Wilson, film director. Despite his obscurity, this can be beneficial because the idea of Bloodshot and Valiant in general can give moviegoers. 

However there are a few people who are aware of his existence and capabilities, including students at NCAT. 

“He is underrated and a unique character.” said Chandler Lewis, freshman, Industrial Engineering. 

Based on the first trailer, it seems the will contain scenes of gore and extreme gore, continuing the trend of violent R-rated comic book movies, which will perfectly match the character’s violent actions. 

With Vin Diesel as the main star, it could bring in potential moviegoers given his prominence in past action franchises. 

Next year, will have an array of comic book films being released and with.