It’s ‘JUST WATER’ but it impacts many

Jaylin Saunders, theSCENE Editor

Jaden Smith is known for a lot including his music, acting and being the son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. The young star has also been spotlighted for his social awareness in different communities.

 In 2015, Smith along with his parents launched his “JUST Water” brand through JUST goods. Inc., a company co-founded with Drew Fitzgerald in 2012.

Since founding the company Smith has made impacts in many places with his main focus being on supplying clean water to those in need.

JUST Water continues to share the company’s motivation on its website with the following statement.

A group who came together to drive social and environmental impact through business. A business that rethinks how we source, deliver and consume the items we hold in our hands every day. A business that combines for-profit energy and non-profit motives with the goal of offering products with impact, affordably.

Smith and his company designed a reusable water carton that could substitute for the plastic bottles people use.

Along with the water carton being reusable, it is also completely recyclable with it being made of 54% paper, 28% plant-based plastic, 15% protective plastic film, and 3% aluminium.

“Cartons are great because they are sturdy and keep food safe while at the same time use more renewable resources and less fossil fuels in their makeup,” according to the company’s website,

JUST goods Inc. did not stop at water cartons. In March 2019, Smith’s water box landed in Flint, Michigan, which is a community that has been battling a water crisis since 2015. The company also launched Just Water in Australia.

Smith used the same filtration system his company uses at their plants, but he made it smaller and donated to the First Missionary Baptist Church in Flint, Michigan to help with the water crisis they face.

“The project they ultimately launched, a mobile water filtration device called the Water Box, was designed and built with the full partnership of First Trinity Missionary Baptist Church, which had been fielding bottled water donations and hosting water drives for the local community since the crisis began five years ago,” said Katharine Schwab in a Fast Company article.

Four months later, the second water box was implemented and supplied Flint with more clean water as a gift from Jaden to Ellen DeGeneres, the host of the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Not long after donating both boxes to Flint, the company was valued at $100 million and expanded the JUST Water brand to the U.K., which further expanded the eco-friendly water cartons around the world.

Anyone can support the brand and its mission through purchasing JUST Water cartons at any CVS in Greensboro, North Carolina. The water is also available in different organic fruit flavors like lemon, blackberry and mint. The water cartons can also be bought in 24 packs of each flavor on