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Let’s have a chill talk with Nakylah Carter


Nakylah Carter is a journalism and mass communication student at N.C. A&T and is the founder of The Chill Talk Podcast.

The Chill Talk is a podcast for college students navigating through life where she chats it up about books, music, beauty, hair, and life.

In a recent podcast, Carter talked about how there was a point where she was unmotivated to even start a podcast. She returned to her roots re-discover her interest in starting a podcast.

“In high school, I fell in love with radio culture, and that’s when I discovered podcasts,” Carter said. “I immediately thought it would be so cool to do and something I could excel at, especially being interested in the journalism field. I decided to finally tackle this task to build my portfolio and also build a brand for myself.”

There is a point where podcast owners will run out of topics to talk about. Carter says she uses her personal life as inspiration.

“I get my inspiration for my podcast topics from my personal life and from what I know people our age might like to hear,” Carter said. “I want my podcast to be conversational and something easy to relate to and listen to so I want all my topics to be something you would talk about with your friends.”

On the road to success, you will always need someone to help you and someone who will cheer you on.
“I would for sure recommend getting a mentor! Madison Murray and Caleyah Gaither are two students at N.C. A&T who host their podcasts. I asked them for advice and basically what to do and not to do regarding starting a podcast,” Carter said

Carter gives those who are interested in creating a podcast some advice. Her biggest advice is to be yourself and talk about what interests you.

“I also recommend planning; make sure this is something that you want to do,” Carter said “You don’t want anything forced or unnatural because your audience will see that. Lastly, have fun and just try it! Talk about things you enjoy and don’t worry about fancy equipment or editing software.”

Carter Expresses her goals and what the future of her podcast will look like. She is hoping to have more guests on her show.

“By the end of season one I hope to grow my platform so that I will be able to have more featured guests on my episodes not only from A&T but from other places,” Carter said.

She also stated that she would like to add merchandise and start a blog for the podcast. Her ultimate goal is to see the growth of her platform.

“I want to eventually make and sell merchandise that will go hand and hand with my brand and also promote my blog for growth as well,” Carter said “I can even see myself with my own talk show or radio broadcast. Who knows what the future holds?”

The Chill Talk releases every Monday on Apple Podcast, Anchor. fm, and Spotify Podcast.

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