The Revamp of a Classic: Candyman


Cyannah Lowery, Contributor

Candyman premiered in theaters on Aug. 27 and is rated R. Candyman (2021) is a sequel to the horror film, Candyman (1992). Many people had high expectations with the new Candyman film directed and written by Nia DaCosta. Jordan Peele and Win Rosenfeld co-wrote the film as well. From the looks of it, Candyman met those high expectations of the audience. 


The original film follows a graduate student completing a thesis on urban legends and folklore. Her research leads to the tale of “Candyman,” the ghost of an artist and the son of a slave murdered in the late 19th century. The tale explains that Candyman was murdered for sleeping with the daughter of a wealthy slave owner.


The newer sequel follows the life of the main character Anthony McCoy, played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and his girlfriend, acted by Teyonna Parris. The movie begins when the couple moves into a gentrified neighborhood where the Candyman legend first started. They moved there in hopes that McCoy would feel more inspired by his work; however, during their time, the character is introduced to an old-timer who reveals the true story of Candyman. When he learns this information, he attempts to use it for his art and, in the process, opens a portal that unleashes a domino effect causing what we know as Candyman. 


The movie has ratings that exceeded many expectations on well-known movie reviewing sites such as and It received an 85% on the Tomatometer by Rotten Tomatoes and a 72% on the Metascore from IMDB. Not only are the professional movie reviewers rating the film well, but so are regular moviegoers. 


N.C. A&T students of different classifications had great reviews for the movie overall.  Sophomore English student, Jane Smith, said the movie was like a spiritual sequel, definitely stylish and new.


Victoria Green, a junior journalism student, said it was a different type of scary, one that many can relate to but not all would understand. 


“It left me with chills similar to how I felt when I watched Us and Get Out. I’d recommend this movie,” Green said. 


Although regular moviegoers enjoyed the film and left good reviews, not all reviews were as flattering as theirs. Generally, the younger audience and those who did not see the original had a better understanding and liking of the movie than the older audience who went to see it. 


Tim Cogshell, a freelance contributor to NPR Los Angeles and film critic, stated that the film was “not as good as the original film [and] if you’re more than 30-years-old and remember the original, go ahead and give this a shot. But it’s not the same.”

This movie is a must-see, and if you are a fan of any of Jordan Peele’s earlier films such as Get Out or Us, you will enjoy this modern take on the original 1992 horror. The film gives a spiritual and sinister twist on the old thriller and captivates younger audiences in this way. Adding this film to your next scary movie night is a must and with Halloween around the corner, this is the perfect thriller to set the scary mood.