NCAT 1891 Cypher


Joseph Brown, theScene Lead Reporter

The Student University Activities Board (SUAB) held the second 1891 Cypher, a showcase of rappers on campus. The event features the talents of five rappers and students of North Carolina A&T. The event premiered on Instagram and Youtube using the beats from “It Was a Good Day” by Ice Cube and “2300 Degrees” by P3RF3CTAIM. 

The Cypher, showcased on Sep. 10, 2021, was filled with fantastic performances from all of the rappers. Although there were some issues regarding the different conditions of filming and sound quality between performances, the 1891 Cypher was a success and gained over 2,500 views. 

Here’s more information on the rappers that were featured:

Miss Flossy

The first rapper to take the stage was senior journalism and mass communication Deja Mayfield, commonly known as Miss Flossy. The North Carolina native has over one thousand followers on her Instagram and a very dedicated fanbase that was there to cheer her on.

“I really enjoyed the cypher,” Flossy said. “My favorite part is always hearing how the other artists will stab the beat. It’s interesting hearing different flows on the same instrumental.”

You can to follow her on IG @1missflossy to stay up to date on what she will produce next.

Griot Noy

The Charlotte rapper Griot Noy, born as Canoy Tyree, is a senior liberal arts student. Noy brought a lot of style to the cypher. 

He has garnered a lot of attention with over one hundred followers on Soundcloud. The young rapper has been showcasing his music publicly since 2019 with his EPs and singles available on Soundcloud, Youtube and Apple Music.

“For me personally, music is my only real passion,” Noy said. “I enjoy everything about the writing and recording process.” 

If the cypher has made you curious about his rap style, check out his newest EP, Somewhere in Delaware. In addition, you can follow his Instagram, @griotnoy, to get updates on his music.


While Xena.G’s performance was muffled due to some technical issues, fans were still able to hear her amazing performance. The student performs often around venues in Greensboro and has a good social media following. 

Currently, she has three songs released, “Pushin”, “Ganga Needs”, and her newest song, “Go Round.” If you want to hear more from this rapper, you can follow her Twitter, @justjiani, and Instagram, @xena.g, to keep up to date on her next big project.


Next up is senior IT major Nicholas Harper, known as Nic. Nic has a very impressive amount of streams with over three thousand fans tuning into his music. 

Nic has been producing his music since 2020, streaming it on Soundcloud, Youtube and Apple Music. The artist currently has three EPs and two singles including his newest EP, Cindy Flower, released in Jul. 2021. You can follow his Instagram, @ajokewithadream, so that you can have links to all of his music. 

PL Miike

Last but not least, we have the rapper known as PL Miike. PL Miike is a junior information technology student. Out of Clinton, NC, PL Miike also comes with a long history in the rap game, as well as an impressive following. 

He’s been producing music since 2019 on Soundcloud, Youtube, and Apple Music. Although he does not possess an extensive fanbase on Soundcloud, he has a massive 13 thousand followers on Instagram. In addition to this, PL Miike has over one million views on Youtube.  The rapper enjoyed participating in the cypher. 

“It was a good experience,” PL Miike said. “I would love to do it again.”

Be sure to follow his Instagram, @plmiike, to stay updated on his newest songs including his most recent song, “Stay True”, which was released the same day as the 1891 Cypher.

This SUAB-hosted event grabbed the attention of students and many enjoyed the showcase. 

“I enjoyed the cypher,” junior journalism student Kyla Armstrong said. “I loved the creativity of the production and the artists that performed in the video. I would love to see it again next year in person.”

If you missed the cypher, the video is currently available to watch now on Instagram and Youtube.