SUAB host DJ Battle in the Academic Quad for Aggie students


Courtney Fields, Contributor

With students closing out on the first month of classes for the 2021-2022 school year, N.C. A&T Activities Board’s (SUAB) hosted a Dj battle that featured eight student MCs to see who’s the hottest student DJ on campus. 

Good weather, great music and ecstatic students made for the perfect combination for SUAB to kick off their first in-person event this past weekend. The DJs participating in the battle were DJ Lean, DJ Dez, DJ J Glove, DJ MD3 Tre, Dj Kosher, DJ BItty, DJ Lani and DJ Lost Prxphet. 

Although most events are planned during the summer, the DJ Battle was the newest event on the SUAB’s list. SUAB President Taylor Moore, Secretary Janelle Jean and Treasurer Gregory Tate took on the request of the DJ Battle with only three weeks to prepare for the event. Although the event was ‘last minute’, Taylor and the rest of the board made accommodations so that the event would be a hit.

Moore, a senior pre-law student and President of SUAB, talked about what went well on Sunday and how it was planning their first in-person event.

“With working around Covid we needed to put in place certain guidelines for our guests that we normally wouldn’t have to do,” Moore said. “We put the event on a weekend so that students who live on campus would have an opportunity to have something to do on a Sunday afternoon and students who lived off-campus could join us. Our turnout was bigger than expected. SUAB had a goal of 100 guests for all outdoor events and we definitely went past that.” 

SUAB intern Whitney Willis also stated that “She was happy to see so many people come out to the event.”

The DJs also had to make some accommodations for this battle. The unexpected is what drove senior journalism student Jakobi Johnson, known as DJ Lost Prxphet. Johnson appreciated the fact that the DJs would not know the categories of each round until it was time to perform; music lovers alike would appreciate that too. This showed how much love the DJ had for his craft even though he did not come out victorious. 

“I did more than DJ, I told a story,” Johnson said. “I gave the people the premise of the story and allowed the music to do the talking.”

The DJ Battle showcased the talents of Aggie students and allowed the community to congregate and have fun. Khursten McLean, known by DJ Lean, came out victorious in the competition as just a freshman with veteran DJ J Glove, (Justin Glover) as runner-up of the battle. 


During the event, it was prevalent that the Aggies community stayed safe and properly followed all COVID-19 guidelines. All students kept their masks on while the DJs put on a show and kept the audience lively. 

The next SUAB event titled “ Watch Your Mouth ”, is a public speaking event that will occur virtually on Zoom; as well as their annual “Fake it Till You Make It” in-person event. “Fake it TIll You Make It” will be a lip sync battle in Harrison Auditorium. 

The SUAB was honored to see that after a year of online classes that people still look forward to coming to their outings. To stay up to date on SUAB events, you can follow their Instagram and Twitter