N.C. A&T Students Discuss Their Playlist Essentials


Asha Taitt, Contributor

Although older generations may describe today’s music as mediocre, many students believe today’s music is all about the way you feel. Music is meant to adjust with the times, and in these times music has become more expressive and real.

At N.C. A&T, students were surveyed on their go-to songs that they listen to on the way to class. From mainstream artists to local artists who are friends, students experience nothing short of a concert throughout their daily routes. 

Rather it is gospel or hip-hop, many genres can make a student’s playlist. Students expressed that trap music is an essential genre on their campus mixes. Rappers such as Rylo Rodriguez, 42 Dugg, and Lil Durk among many others, have made music that is worthy of being in earphones. 

“Rappers talk about their struggles and it motivates me,” sophomore business student Dasia Straker said. “It also helps that the message is accompanied by a good beat.”

While some students may prefer to start their day with “HellCats and Trackhawks” by Lil Durk and “Only The Family”, others may prefer “Just Might” by Summer Walker. Trap music is a favorite in many college student’s playlists, but many feel as though R&B is essential. 

Walker falls into the R&B category and is an example of the “new sound” in today’s music industry. R&B presents a slower yet versatile spin on storytelling. Many students cannot walk to class without turning on albums like Ry Ry World by Mariah the Scientist or Drake’s newest album Certified Lover Boy

“R&B makes me feel like I’m on the prettiest cloud in the sky,” sophomore engineering student Jade Good-Lee said. “Brent Faiyaz for example– I love his music because he sings about things I’m too afraid to say.”

R&B has a way of making Aggies relate to how their parents once felt when songs like “Breakin’ My Heart” by Mint Condition came on. Not just relatable through ages, the genre is relatable through genders. Songs such as “When I See U” by Fantasia often have students eager to sing along.

Attending an HBCU showcases the many different types of students on campus. Because there are many different types of students, there is a plethora of “favorite genres” present.

Alternative music is what some would consider a “slept on” genre in the black community; however, many students expressed their love for artists like Willow Smith who has taken the world by a storm with her song “Transparentsoul.” 

Alternative music for certain students is an outlet. For those students that feel unheard, alternative music seems to be a lending ear.

“I listen to alternative music because it is music I connect to,” sophomore psychology student Lania Hamilton. “It ranges to Sia who makes mostly sad music and other alternative music like Willow Smith who has a whole different vibe. It has so much range.” 

N.C. A&T students also seem to be familiar with musical talent on campus. Students often support their peers and add them to their daily playlists. Yung Nell, Big 10, Nic,  and Cincomillionz are among some of the hottest talents on campus this school year. While their styles of rap vary, they each have a sound that students gravitate toward. 

Based on the responses from students, it is safe to say that N.C. A&T could make a playlist that satisfies many students on campus. Until that day, students will continue to play their favorite artists as they walk to their next destination.