N.C. A&T Students Share Reactions to Squid Game

N.C. A&T Students Share Reactions to Squid Game

Jaydn James, Contributor

The popular South Korean show, “Squid Game“, is on track to be the most-viewed show on Netflix and is a hot topic on all social media platforms worldwide. 

Hwang Dong-hyuk, the director of the Korean Drama (K-Drama), said that it took him almost a decade to pitch and create the show due to its bizarre concept. The show is centered around strangers in debt trying to gain money through childhood games with a deathly twist.

“I was intrigued by the storyline of people in debt entering a game where they had to put their life on the line to win money and pay off their debt,” junior Dana Benjamin said. “A part of me wishes that things could have been done differently in the show regarding the deadly and harsh after-effects of losing a game.”

The last time a K-Drama caused this much chatter globally was when the Oscar award-winning film, “Parasite”, came out in 2019. The film addressed the deeper social, political and economic issues that people encountered in a way that was eerie and satirical. 

Much like the Oscar-winning film, “Squid Game” discussed sensitive topics in our society like capitalism and brutalism, making the show something people from all over could relate to. 

“I have watched the show, and I enjoyed the concept,” freshman Lamar Prioleau said. “I liked [it] and the conversations about human nature, capitalism and democracy. There were just a whole lot of things that I thought were interesting.”

Videos on Tik Tok with the hashtag #SquidGame have accumulated over 22.8 billion views. Sophomore Heaven Bailey says that she usually does not watch shows filmed not in English, but this one seemed interesting. 

“I watched the show because everybody was talking about it,” Bailey said. “This was my first time completely watching a Korean show, and it was a jaw-dropper.”

Sophomore Jamir Renfrow said that “Squid Game” came up for him as a Netflix suggestion. 

“I appreciated the acting, but I am not expecting a season two,” Renfrow said. 

Currently, Hwang says he has no current plans to develop a script for season two. Hwang told the New York Times that if there were to be a season two, he would focus on issues with police officers because he has seen problems not only in South Korea but also around the world.

Although Hwang introduced his concept for his film multiple times with many denials, “Squid Game” is now the #1 most-watched show in 90 countries according to the Independent

“Squid Game” is available now on Netflix. Since the show is originally shot in Korean, there is a way to enjoy the show with English voiceovers.  

Before you decide to watch this series, be sure to think: Would I be able to successfully win a child’s game with my life on the line?