N.C. A&T students share their expectations ahead of Kanye West’s “Donda 2” release

N.C. A&T students share their expectations ahead of Kanye West’s “Donda 2” release

Rosegalie Cineus, Contributor

After the release of “Donda,” multi-talented performer Kanye West has decided to release the sequel “Donda 2.” 

Kanye West announced in January on Instagram that the arrival of his eleventh studio album will be available on all streaming platforms, on Feb. 22. West’s musical accolades and overall talent allow him to continue his path in the music industry.

With this new record being his first-ever sequel album, many N.C. A&T students are anticipating the release of “Donda 2.”

“I’m looking forward to ‘Donda 2.’ Even though I didn’t think ‘Donda’ was his best album, I’m excited to see if he does something different,” sophomore public relations student Javon Kelley said. 

West revealed that fellow rapper Future is an executive producer for the sequel, but some fans wonder how the two artists will mesh together. 

“Future will most likely do good in managing the album, but since Kanye has such a big ego, it will be little he can do,” freshman kinesiology student Khari Obichere said. 

Junior business administration student Tinposi Olajide also believed that Future’s influence in the production of “Donda 2” would be significant. 

“I think Future will have an effect on the album. This might mean a whole new sound for this album because Future has had such a big impact on trap music in Atlanta, this album might lean towards that sound,” Olajide said.

Olajide overall, along with most fans, is excited for the album because of their love for West.

“Kanye is a musical G.O.A.T. who has definitely left his impact in music,” Olajide said.

Digital Nas, a producer on a couple of West’s songs from “Donda,” spoke to Rolling Stone about what the desire and expectations are for “Donda 2.” 

These are the directives for the album: ‘If it cannot be played at a funeral, childbirth, graduation, a wedding, it will not be on our record,” Digital Nas said to Rolling Stone

With possible production credits from Travis Scott and DJ Khaled, and potential new features from the likes of Moneybagg Yo, A$AP Rocky, and Pusha T to name a few. 

West’s sequel album seems to be a record packed with a lot of musical diversity and new explorations. 

West is notorious for delaying his album releases. From the album “Ye’s” two-year delay to over a year delay with “Donda,” some speculate whether “Donda 2” will even release on its designated date this week. 

Freshman health services management student Monika Malaka chimed in on the discussion. 

“I’m definitely excited for Kanye’s new album. The last ‘Donda’ kept being delayed, so I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if this one goes through the same process,” Malaka said. “It being on 2/22/22 does give me a little more faith because it would be the perfect date for an album release.” 

With the album’s release date set, West has also decided to hold a special live concert on that Tuesday at the LoanDepot Park in Miami. 

Although mystery still surrounds the highly anticipated album, West continues to garner mass interest in every move he makes. 

“ I think Kanye stays relevant because he’s not afraid to be different,” Kelley said. “He’s an artist and is willing to experiment with his song! Kanye makes quality music.” 

Kanye West’s influence in the musical landscape is grand, and with his success in the fashion world, West continues to use his talents to push the envelope in his musicality and diverse sound.