Season two of N.C. A&T’s 1891 Hot 10 set to take off


Kamryn Jackson, TheScore Lead Reporter

The innovative record label created by three N.C. A&T students entitled “1891 Hot 10” seeks out the hottest rappers, singers and producers on N.C. A&T’s campus.

Founded in 2021, 1891 Hot 10 came from the minds of Cornell “Yung Nell” Mapp, Malique “Liq from the Peake” Hawkins and Jaden “DJ Bitty” Fraizer. The musically inclined students hoped to extend a platform for up-and-coming artists to showcase and perform their music on their collaborative album.

The label introduces each new group of artists in “seasons.” Season one recently came to a close in July with the Hot 10’s first album, “Sound Alarm.”

Now, the Hot 10 family is excited to introduce season two.

“We got our foot in the door and helped artists expand their platform while completing our goal of releasing the first album,” Mapp said.

“Sound Alarm” embodied the culture of A&T, ranging in genres from R&B to rap. The album featured every label artist from season one, including J Danzo, Colby Ca$h, Cincomillionz, Liyah V and more.

Students on campus claim the album release was the perfect ending to season one of the Hot 10, giving the various students the attention they deserve.

Junior international student and music fanatic Moriah Terry told the A&T Register that she adored the album.

“It is amazing how talented individuals can come together and produce something great, especially when it is happening right in front of your eye at your institution,” Terry said. “My favorite song on the album is ‘Can’t See’ by J Danzo.”

After the conclusion of season one, the creators decided they wanted to keep the momentum.

The label announced the official start of season two last month, which is expected to be more intense, including new opportunities and experiences for upcoming artists.

Unlike the first season, the second will include a “Hot 10” tour. The label and artists will travel to different HBCUs to connect and network with more up-and-coming individuals in the music industry.

The label’s creators have already started to travel, recently visited Benedict College, spread the word about their record label, and connected with other HBCU students within the music industry.

“The experience was great,” Mapp said. “We had the opportunity to meet some of their artists and give a performance to their student body.”

Season two will also include the “1891 Lookout Thursday” segment, where local artists have the opportunity to perform, connect with artists, producers and engineers and have the chance to win free studio time.

Additionally, 1891 Hot 10 ensures N.C. A&T students stay connected with the label.

For the upcoming season, the label allowed students to comment on their favorite Aggie artists on their Instagram page to be in consideration for the label’s “Hot 10” artists.

After wiring down the artists, the top 15 left had the opportunity to perform in a showcase which will determine whether or not they make the “Hot 10” list for season two.

After an eventful showcase that came down to the wire, the 1891 Hot 10 list officially featured nine of its ten artists in season two. These artists include:

PL Miike
Darius King
India Imani
Colby Ca$h
Bj Skinoo

A freestyle battle took place on Sept. 15 between A&T artists “FuTooTuff” and “A$antana” to decide the 10th and final artist. The winner has not yet been announced.

“I can’t wait to see our artists and brand’s evolution,” Mapp said. “I’m very excited about traveling, giving our artists a bigger platform, and staying connected with people throughout the industry.”

Mapp is proud of himself and his recent accomplishments regarding his record label.

“I’m most proud of creating this idea and being able to watch it evolve,” Mapp said. “I’m proud to create a team of creators and watch us grow together. My team believes in this brand as much as I do.”

With many new and returning artists from season one, 1891 Hot 10 should be releasing its second album this year, leaving much to anticipate for N.C. A&T’s official record label.

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