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Netflix’s Very Own Jack The Ripper: Joe Goldberg returns for season 4 of “You”


The next stop on Joe Goldberg’s murder spree in London, England. Netflix’s smash hit show, Youcomes back with the first half of the fourth season.

Netflix released this new season in two separate parts with part one being released earlier this month. Viewers ended season three with an explosive ending with Joe doing what most thought would not happen; him murdering his wife, cleverly named Love. 

Wanting to escape pending murder charges and life’s woes, our anti-hero Joe decides to book a one-way ticket to Europe and finds himself in trouble yet again.

The passionate literary buff Joe Goldberg reinvents himself as Professor Moore, teaching American Iconoclasts at a prestigious university in London. Using his charisma to cloak himself, Joe appears to be adjusting well to his new life but viewers know he can only keep that facade for so long.

“Joe is very clever but I’m just wondering how long he’s going to be able not to get caught,” senior speech pathology student Amaya DeShields said. “I haven’t watched the new season yet but this show always keeps me on my toes.”

Ten minutes into the premiere of the new season, Goldberg has already begun his descent into madness with hyper fixating on a stranger. Like a lion stalking his prey, Goldberg utilizes social media to inquire more about his subject. 

It is important to note that despite the success of this series, Penn Badgley, the actor who portrays Joe Goldberg has been outspoken about the tendencies of his character.

What initially drew attention to the series was the brazen yet complex story of a seemingly average “Joe” who has an unnerving obsession with unsuspecting strangers and how he is the cause of their untimely demise.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Badgley addresses the criticism around showing serial killers in popular shows.

“Now to be fair, with our show, you’re meant to fall in love with him. That’s on us. But Ted Bundy? That’s on you! Jeffery Dahmer? That’s on you!” Badgley stated about viewers empathize with his character despite his killer tendencies.

Senior criminal justice student, Lauryn Burt, was drawn to the series because of her interest in television shows that involve mysteries.

“This show just shows a more modern way of serial killing, since advanced technology is growing,” Burt said.

The series depicts Goldberg attempting to masquerade himself within the rest of society but his obsessive nature ultimately is revealed despite his efforts of keeping it at bay. 

As Joe is settling into his new identity, he is introduced to a gang of high-society socialites, and after one night of hard partying, he discovers a corpse in his living room.

While discarding a corpse, he reminisces about Marienne, a woman from his past who he follows to Paris to confess his love.

From Joe’s perspective, crossing the globe to confess his undying love is the ultimate act of affection, until he finds himself shocked that Marienne is terrified of him after a tense confrontation. Soon after, Goldberg is met by a hit-man hired by his ex-wife’s family to dispose of him but the contract killer offers him a new life; the life of Jonathan Moore.

Despite being a fugitive, Goldberg can assume fresh identities and embark on a new path but continues to fall back to old patterns.

“The problem is in him, it’s not so much outside of him, so he’s trying to change. He is always trying–failing trying,” Badgley remarks about his character. 

As the premiere episode was wrapping up, it was revealed that the tables have turned on Joe. He is the one being harassed and watched by an unknown character after disposing of his colleague’s body, which has him questioning his new acquaintances. 

A classic case of “who done it,” Joe yet again finds himself trying to conceal his true identity from others.

Part two of season four of “You” will premiere on March 9th, 2023 on Netflix.

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