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N.C. A&T student builds empowerment through ‘Fem and Free’ heels class

Jaci Cameron

N.C. A&T junior finance student Jaci Cameron is giving back to the community and inspiring women, one heel at a time. 

Fem and Free is a women’s empowerment heels class created by Cameron that inspires female students to embrace themselves and radiate confidence while donating the class proceeds to local charities. 

“With my entrepreneurial mindset, I noticed there was a lack of dance classes and filled in that puzzle piece to allow everyone a space in which they can express themselves,” Cameron said. 

These classes have been a huge hit across campus because of the stress-free environment and comfort Cameron has created for the attendees, like junior biology student Alyssa Singletary. 

“This class has been an amazing opportunity for females in our school to have an outlet and de-stress,” Singletary said.“The overall environment is truly unmatched. It is the safe and judgment-free zone where we have the ability to express ourselves.”

For Cameron, dancing has been a passion of hers since she was in the second grade, and she wanted to bring heel classes to A&T so everyone can feel relaxed in a non-traditional way.

“Coming to A&T, I realized that imposter syndrome can take over. Whether women are intimidated or not confident, it’s a struggle that I even faced my freshman year.” Cameron said.

“However, with my leadership and involvement, I am a resource to people. I can stand in my confidence and inspire them to do the same. In the class, I’m very playful and talk to people like I knew them my whole life. But with that, they return the energy.”

Cameron, who serves as this year’s Miss Junior for the Student Government Association’s Royal Court, created the class in January 2022. Since then, girls like Mercy Sakor, a senior journalism and mass communication student, have created a space to express themselves. 

“What makes this class so special is the positive environment,” Sakor said. When I first went, a lot of girls were getting back to heels dancing, or trying it out for the first time. Being surrounded by people who also wanted to express themselves through movement felt really good.”

This heels class is different because Cameron uses the proceeds to give back to the local Greensboro community, including local youth dance organizations and Project Hygiene Haul, a nonprofit organization. 

“I’m a busy girl but I love to do community service in my free time. But I realized there are already organizations on campus and in the east Greensboro community that are catered to those things,” Cameron said. “My best way to invest in the community is to support these initiatives financially.”

Cameron is currently looking to partner with a local all-male organization and use proceeds from the class to help with the beautification of neighborhoods in the Greensboro area.

With Fem and Free, Cameron offers two classes, one for beginners and one for intermediate/advanced. Some students have been with her for multiple classes and have watched themselves grow as a dancer. 

“My favorite experience has been my growth for sure. I have seen and felt a difference from the first time I’ve gone up until the most recent class I took,” Sakor shared. “Jaci’s class has helped me develop my skills by sharpening my movements as well as allowing me to be open through sensual movements.” 

For others, their favorite part of the class is watching everyone finally put the pieces together to create a dancing masterpiece.

“After learning all of the choreo step-by-step, I think the best part is putting it all together and doing it with other dancers,” Singletary said. “It’s fine how everyone does each move so differently, but still looks cohesive, but that’s one of the beauties of dance.” 

In Fem and Free, girls can create bonds with one another, de-stress and dance it out. 

“In these dance classes, you might not know the girl next to you or even know they go to school here, but it’s truly a sisterhood for those two hours,” Cameron said. “Everybody is laughing together, picking up the choreography, trying to look good together and hype each other up. It’s a supportive space and great energy.” 

Fem and Free’s next class will be on Oct. 1 from 7:30 p.m. – 10 p.m. Follow them on Instagram for more information. 

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