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N.C. A&T alumna Theresa Kumazah takes on the world of fitness

Theresa Kumazah
Theresa Kumazah, founder of BeOne Fitness

What does it mean to be fit? Well, to N.C. A&T alumni Theresa Kumazah, being fit means being physically well and being one with your mind, body, and soul, and her brand BeOne Fitness helps clients achieve just that. 

Kumazah was born in Ghana but was raised in Gaithersburg, Maryland. In middle and high school, Kumazah was very active. 

“I played mostly basketball, I ran track, played lots of different sports,” Kumazah said. “I was always super into sports.” 

Her active lifestyle changed her senior year after a life-altering concussion that caused her to look at the bigger picture. 

“It kinda flipped my whole world upside down,” Kumazah said. “I went through depression and it gave me time to think and figure out who I am fully. What is my purpose in life, and what do I want to do?”

Kumazah decided she wanted to create something that catered to more than just the physical side of fitness. When COVID-19 hit in 2020, she created an LLC and established BeOne Fitness. 

“I wanted to create a platform that highlighted more than what the current fitness industry pushes, more than your physical abilities and physical appearances when it comes to fitness,” Kumazah said. 

The entrepreneur is working to redefine fitness by combining inclusivity and mental health with physical well-being. 

“There is a big emphasis on how well you look and how you dress,” Kumazah said. “I like to start most of my sessions and health and wellness consultations by checking in and seeing how you’re mentally.”  

Mental health wellness is extremely important to Kumazah and a part of her plan to take over the fitness world.

 “That aspect of knowing you have a safe space to talk…I always give my clients homework in a sense,” Kumazah said. “Make sure you’re eating well and hydrating, journaling in the morning, and make sure you are keeping track of how you are feeling mentally and emotionally throughout the day.” 

By combining mind, body and spirit, Kumazah encourages oneness with self and, in turn, being fit in every facet of life. She is working on growing her platform and creating a diverse community striving for greatness.

 “I want BeOne Fitness to become not only a fitness platform for people to come get workouts or nutrition tips,” Kumazah said. “I want this to become a community of people who come together and strive for the same goal, wholeness and oneness. To be one means to be fit in your mind, body and spirit.”.

As a young entrepreneur, Kumazah has truly learned what it takes to run a business. 

“It takes not only hard work, but it takes passion,” she said. “Because I am very passionate about what I do, and I have a mission and a why. I think that makes me get up every day, even when I am not very profitable”.

The fitness guru hopes BeOne Fitness will become a household name one day. 

“I want to establish a BeOne Fitness app pretty soon and launch our online shop so that you can have BeOne Fitness right in your pocket,”  Kumazah said. “I want BeOne Fitness to become a household name in fitness just as you think about Nike and Under Armour and their mission.”

As a homecoming kick-off event, the A&T alumna also hosts her annual breast cancer Run for a Cure 5k in partnership with the Kingdom of Youth Organization.

“It gets students out to do community service,” Kumazah said.”We collect donations for breast cancer awareness patients and donate all proceeds to a breast cancer foundation called Pretty in Pink right here in Greensboro.” 

Kumazah’s 3rd annual Run for a Cure 5K will occur on Oct. 29 from 10 a.m. – to 2 p.m. 

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