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N.C. A&T Student Cameron M. Williams inspires others through his words and story

N.C. A&T junior Cameron Williams is the author of 20 Lessons in 20 Years: A Young Person’s Guide to Building Positive Momentum in Life.
A copy of Williams’ book.

Writing a book at the ripe age of 20 is a challenging feat, especially for a college student. Luckily for junior supply chain management student from Grifton, North Carolina, Cameron M. Williams, running from a challenge is not in his DNA.

“Since I was young, my family always emphasized the importance of education,” Williams told the A&T Register. “I always wanted to shoot for the high grades and force myself to engage with other people. Shooting high was always instilled in me.”

Williams recalls being on a college tour at N.C. A&T and remembers the exact moment he knew he wanted to be an Aggie.  

“I went on this tour when I was just in the eighth grade, and I remember the family environment and the students coming up to me telling me I’d love it here,” Williams said. “That moment solidified for me that I wanted to go here.” 

Since being A&T, the list of accomplishments for the junior is longer than one may expect. And one of the most impressive ones is becoming an author. In 2023, Williams released his book: 20 Lessons in 20 Years: A Young Person’s Guide to Building Positive Momentum in Life.

Williams’ book can be purchased on Amazon, and the digital version can be found on GumRoad

Williams had a lot of inspiration for writing his book, but one of the main factors was to be able to give students the advice he never had when he began college.

“When I was a freshman, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do, didn’t know who to talk to, so I was really just trying to find my way,” Williams said. When I turned 20, I realized there were probably many people in the same situation I was,  just trying to find their way and figure everything out. So, I know other people had the same experience as me, and I wanted to share my guide with the world.”

Williams’ book has certainly resonated with readers, making his work impactful, which was his goal.

“What I learned most from the book was having a newer perspective on life,” said Daryl Riley Jr., a Hampton and A&T alum. “At only 20, Cameron explained thoroughly how we should approach life to reach our fullest potential.”

One of the most beautiful aspects of Williams’ book is how much of a confidence boost it gave him.

“As a kid, I always read books, but as a kid, I never thought I could write my book,” Williams said. “So when I was in the writing and publishing process, I just kept thinking how I was doing something that I never really thought was possible, which really added to my confidence. I love sharing my story with others because we’re all trying to find ourselves, and part of that is building confidence.”

Family is a huge part of Williams’ growth and overall well-being, and they never miss the opportunity to let him know how proud they are of him.

“I consider Cameron my greatest accomplishment,” said Carla Williams, Cameron’s mother. “Watching him grow and flourish into the remarkable young man he is today is my greatest joy. Beyond his academic and entrepreneurial endeavors, I am most proud of who he is as a person. He is kind, honest, ambitious, and supportive of others. I am grateful that God entrusted me with such a gift as him.”

Williams’ said he has a plethora of advice he could give HBCU students worldwide, but if he had to narrow it down, he’d provide all students with one particular slogan.

“Keep going. When I say keep going, understand that there is a process you must go through to get where you want to be,” Williams said. “You can’t skip that process. But when you fall in love with the process, everything gets easier, and eventually, your goals fall in place.”

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