Peter’s Step

Anima S., Contributor

Heat struck me from every corner

Attempting to wake me at a dark hour to alert me in my torture

Fear, misconduct and greed are all my anchors

Forgetting to seek my origin, ever so oblivious to my True Answer


I’ve ignored what mattered

Because I see myself going up a path with favor

The devil is leading me to my past mistakes

Making excuses to get myself out of obedience


…See He don’t play

To obey is better than to sacrifice

So when will I allow myself to realize that stepping out on faith is ok…


Easier said than done

Better to dream than run

This step to fearlessness has finally come

Feeling unprepared when I should know I’ve already won


But see I only live in the “now”

Scared of what my obstacles would be

So I stand in the boat

Waiting for Him to come to me


When I know I can meet Him halfway

You see…

I’m in disarray

I’m battling spirits, leading me on a path going the other way


Lord, work harder than the devil because I’ve come too far to live the wrong way

Bring me back to what is right so that left turn won’t lead me to where the devil stay

I feel broken

Save every piece of my heart before i lose myself and become swollen


Hiding my wings and scared to fly because I know that I am chosen


..from fear,

Causing me to act up thinking life wasn’t made for me here


Wishing I was born into the true land of free

Feeling bondage, not knowing this is the best time for my light to shine

For me to be me

I can’t lose sight of my season


Satan knows where I’m going

Saying all this time He has something planned for me, but now that it’s coming, he’s rushin’

Hoping that I crash and burn so I can be in the comfort he resides in

But He is just the opposite


Taking me to the indescribable

That’s why only the step of FAITH is possible

So what’s stopping you?

To win isn’t the luxury


But to get there is where your treasure should be

So what’s it going to be?

Either to choose the road to victory or stay exactly where you always be?

“I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.”