Lexus Monae, Contributor

The devil seen my head down and thought he won
Until God spoke and said “the storm is over, now the blessings have just begun”
Fighting the demons crying every night
Not really sure who’s side you’re on, feeling to little to even when the fight
Until heaven opened up the gates & I seen the light
Thanking God for saving me and making everything alright
Breathe in breathe out. “You got this” is what I use to say
Saying shit that sounded good but no action applied for a better way
Feeling empty inside demons taken over life
Until I met my King at the alter & realize I wasn’t the perfect wife
Too focus on the seen, anxiety taken over
Searching for composure and closer
Pieces coming together filling in the gaps
Come to find out, I was numb and wilding cause I truly miss my pops
Black little girl with daddy issues a bitch
But I refuse to be another statistic, I’m in the 1 percentage