Courtesy of Google

Courtesy of Google

Anonymous, Contributor

Let me know you love me, but you’ll never do it.

Let these ***** know that they’ll never screw up what we have nailed down.


We are locked for life like a safe in the bottom of the ocean.

Put back the pieces you misplaced and make this picture whole again.


Let me know you love me.

Which is what he was supposed to do.


Show me what love is.

So I would never look for it in another.


Show me how to be loved so I would never know how not be.

He failed me!


Let me know you love me.  You tried,

But the daddy issues I thought I pushed to the side had arrived and came back to haunt us.


Let me know you love me. This was the time if any,

But my insecurities and your infidelities feeding my fire, too hot to stand so you put me out.


Let me know you love me, burnt out fire and all.

If you can put me out, you can light me up. Still looking for him in you.