Ugg season starts now


Jewell Hill| theWord Editor| The A&T Register

Alexis Davis, Contributor

Fall and winter fashions are forever changing from year to year but we all have seemed to figure out that trends repeat themselves. Many fashion lovers prefer to receive a compliment about their style versus simply just being on trend. As trends fade and come back, style is forever.

Since about 2010, Ugg boots have been a staple footwear piece in the closets of women of all ages. Recently, there has been a crossover with Uggs being a popular pick for the males’ closet as well. No matter if you like fancy rhinestones and bows on your beloved winter boots or if you like to keep it simple with their black classic mini edition boot, Uggs have a little something for everyone.

Once people start experiencing the brisk winds and moody weather of the fall, they are ready to dig deep from under the summer wardrobe and pull out their favorite pair of Uggs to truly bring in the season change.

Within the last five years, there has been discussions especially on social media centered around the real start of Ugg season. The fact that this debate started over the internet is not very surprising for two reasons. First, in this generation, people are looking at the internet for approval. Second, various fashion enthusiasts go to Instagram and Pinterest for outfit inspiration when they are drawing a blank in their mind about what will be their next best look or post.

“It’s another one of those societal restrictions that people create which end up being followed because no one wants to be the odd ball out,” said Natallie Gooding, a junior Psychology student. Gooding brings back up the idea of getting life advice from social media or just in judgmental social settings in general. Social media is beginning to control several aspects of its users’ lives. Some users will buy outfits and get dressed up just to solely post, without having a destination or even to go out. Others will decline being posted on their own or friends’ pages while wearing their Uggs if they feel like they might have put them on too early.

Gooding followed by saying, “If it is cold out then wear your Uggs because you want to, not because social media decided to tell you that it is okay for you to now put them on.” Just like all articles of clothing, they would be an extended expression of self. Society often closes off fashion and makes it strictly a trendy thing. Fashion should be used to declare your mood, set the tone for an occasion or even make a political statement if necessary.

A couple of girls would even argue that shopping for fall and winter clothes for themselves is harder than the opposite sex. The colder seasons seem to accompany men’s fashion a bit more but if you are willing to do a little digging, then as a girl you can definitely score those winter looks that are worth a double take. “I do not think there is a specific date or temperature that determines Ugg season. You should be able to wear Uggs whenever you feel like it,” said Khalima Kargbo, a junior Psychology student. Kargbo and Gooding seem to have a united front about the nonexistent start of Ugg season. Beautylish Blog said “Ugg season is whenever you want it to be.” Moral of the story is ladies, if you feel like your favorite furry companions will give your outfits the comfort or spice it needs, then put ‘em on!