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Tips to successfully conclude your semester


As the semester for our luxurious university comes to a close, students prepare to go back home and look to finish the semester strong. People who are graduating either this December or next semester look forward to their next chapter ahead. While juniors, sophomores, and freshmen are getting closer to the promised land of graduation. 

Mia Bell, a freshman accounting student shares how she wants to successfully bring the semester to a close. She also expresses that she really didn’t have an idea of what her end of the semester goal was. After giving it some thought, she realized that she just needs to work hard and finish her semester out strong. “I want to be more productive with my school work,” Bell said. 

Carmen Carrigan, a  junior supply chain management student’s goal was straight-forward and simple. “My goal for the end of the semester is to receive all As and Bs,” Carrigan said. 

Jessika White, a senior criminal justice student is preparing for her graduation and to further her career in a new state. “I graduate after this semester. So once I do that, I plan on moving out to Texas and starting my career there,” White said. 

After students of A&T either survived our homecoming or let it conquer us, we all have a common goal of doing what we came here for. Whether you are a freshman completing your first semester or a senior completing your last semester. The common goal is to achieve good grades that allow you to graduate and take your first step in the career you want. 

On this past Monday, October 28th was the last day to withdraw from classes. So, with a little over a month before the last day of class. Grades can still change drastically. 

Many classes still have a test or two left with the final exam. So, people who have F can finish with a C or even a B. However, if you have an A you can go down if you don’t keep pushing. 

Make sure that you as a student talk to your teacher concerning your grades to see if you can receive extra credit and let them tell you what’s the highest grade you can get in the class. I have seen teachers cut deals with students saying that if they pass the final exam they will pass them in the class.

Anything is possible if you are showing your professor that you are trying your absolute best in the class. Set a schedule for you to follow so that your free time turns into your study time. Cut out things that you don’t need to do every day and replace it with doing homework or studying for an upcoming test. 

In conclusion, the goal for each college student should be finishing with the best grades that they can obtain. I believe that none of us should give up on a class. With all this time that is left, we have to keep pushing forward and dig deep down to achieve the goal we want. However, you have to start now. If you have been slacking it is time to start working harder. We can achieve anything we set our minds to because that is what Aggies Do.

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