Empower Me hosts the Black Owned Business Showcase 

Empower Me hosts the Black Owned Business Showcase 

Sydney Ross, theCulture Lead Reporter

Empower Me Events Group hosted the Black Owned Business Showcase at Four Seasons Town Centre.  The event was established to provide Black small business owners a platform to promote their products and services. 

Founded in 2018,  Nadine Ayinuana created Empower Me after seeing the success of her business, Kitkos. Kitkos is a retail store specializing in handmade African apparel located in Concord Mills mall. Seeing how successful her business grew in just three years, she wanted to empower other small business owners to do the same.

Photo Courtesy of Nadine Ayinuana

“When I began my business, I wanted to be able to give small businesses a way they could engage and inspire people,” Ayinuana said. “When you engage with people, you inspire them and they give you feedback to grow.”

Empower Me hosts these business showcases to help showcase  businesses’ products and services in the mall environment. Ayinuana focuses specifically on Black and minority owned businesses to provide a voice and a sense of belonging throughout our community. 

“As Black people, we do not have a voice,” Ayinuana said. “We have been used to working for others that we haven’t been proud of saying we’re a Black-owned business. I wanted to create the opportunity to celebrate us and who we are as people of color.”

From  Sept. 24 -26, several Black owned businesses were set up throughout the mall varying in goods and services like The Essentials 2 Life LLC., Tiny’s Creations, Pink Hair Beauty Supply and many more. Latasha Mcgill, Independent Paparazzi Jewelry consultant, has been to multiple events such as this one. She believes this is a great opportunity for people to take their skills and talents and turn them into businesses. 

“Anything you do at home, you can turn into a business,” Mcgill said. “If you make shirts, if you can cook, if you sew – anything! You can make it your business.”

Photo Courtesy of Latasha McGill Facebook

Ayinuana not only hosts these events for business owners, but she also coaches them as they begin their journey in the retail industry. She encourages them to be consistent and be intentional. 

“Anything you want to do, do it,” Ayinuana said. “If someone tells you no, don’t take that and just juit. Keep pushing. If they do not give you a seat, you bring your own.”

Ayinuana also reminds those beginning their entrepreneurial journey to remember it will not always happen overnight and encourages them to always network at every opportunity. 

“It’s not just about making money,” Ayinuana said. “It’s about getting your brand out there.”

Empower Me will host another Black Owned Business Showcase during the week of GHOE on October 24- 26 at Four Seasons Towne Centre. This event is free and open to the public. For more information visit the Empower Me website and be sure to follow them on Instagram and Facebook for updates on upcoming events.