N.C. A&T’s SUAB Brings The Student Body Back Together


Aisha Frazier, Contributor

N.C. A&T Student University Activities Board (SUAB) creates, plans and hosts high energy and grand on-campus events. With an executive board of 12 members and supporting committees, SUAB bridges the gap between safe fun and education. 

SUAB has always had a direct hand in livening the culture at N.C. A&T. 

“I remember some of the things they organized before COVID, back in like 2019,” senior multimedia journalism student Nina Price said. “A lot of their events were always really fun.” 

Taylor Moore, a senior pre-law student with a minor in psychology, is the president of SUAB for this academic school year. She has been involved with SUAB since her sophomore year where she began as an intern. Moore moved to secretary her junior year and eventually became vice president before receiving her current position. 

“SUAB is my family. We live by helping each other through life. not just planning programs for the student body but really leaning on each other for support,” Moore said. “Without them, I wouldn’t be here, and I am so grateful.” 

After the global shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the return of the student body left Taylor and her team with a lot of adjustments to make so that students could still enjoy their time at SUAB programs safely. The board set some key goals during their executive student leader (ESL) retreat to ensure a smooth transition into the year. 

According to Moore, one of their major goals this year was to get students back out post-pandemic. SUAB’s programs, especially those during GHOE, have brought the students back out and active on campus. 

Cory Hightower, a junior computer science student, is the SUAB gaming and cinema chair. He enjoys his place in the SUAB family and is very eager to change the scope of his chair position. He highlighted ‘The Going Viral Game Show,’ a program he planned and coordinated, as one of his favorites this year. 

“I did the ‘Going Viral Games Show,’ where we gave out cash prizes, the virtual scary movie night and the ‘Lets Light it up Laser Tag,’” Hightower said. “I really want to expand the scope when you think of games, it’s more than just sitting down and playing the Playstation or Xbox.” 

The SUAB team and students on campus have enjoyed the many events held this semester. Although SUAB focuses on fun, they make sure to reach the Aggie community with serious topics that bring them together. 

“My favorite event so far would be my ‘Let’s Talk Police Brutality,’ where we brought [the] police in to talk to students,” said speakers chair and senior public relations student Kendall Johnson. “Like Cory explained, it’s not just staying the same in the narrative of the chair. I would like students to have a voice and be heard.” 

The innovative, family-forward and student-centric thinking of this year’s board is noticed by the student body. 

“We actually do have people who we see at every single event,” said secretary and senior biology student Janelle Jean-Louis. “And we are glad to, that’s what we look for, and that’s what I really love about SUAB.” 

Though the semester is nearing its end, SUAB has plans to end it with a bang. They have a list of events, including the ‘Food Truck Festival’ and a SUAB Pre-Game on Nov. 20. 

SUAB also hosts full-body meetings and office hours where you can engage with the executive board and get to know them. The final full-body meeting of this semester is on Nov. 15 at 5 p.m. 

Students who want to stay up to date with programs, connect with the board and learn about how to be involved with SUAB can follow their Instagram or Twitter. 

“Once I leave, I want students to remember this year’s SUAB for what it is, the family-oriented group that brought the student body back together,” Moore said. “We are here, we like to know you, we want you to come, to join, to come to events, to be an intern, whatever you need, we’re here.”