OSA’s first movie outing is ‘Wonder’ful

By Zakiyyah Williamson



It’s time for the first movie trip for the Aggies’ Summer Session I classes. Students that would like to partake in this great incentive will be provided shuttle bus transportation. The first movie night was held on June 6 at the Grande Cinemas.

Students watched the new best seller “Wonder Woman”. According to Rottentomatoes.com, the audience rated this movie at 93 percent and the critics rated this movie at a 93 percent as well.

Diana was the princess of the Amazon tribe and then became Wonder Woman. She met a pilot who told her about the war going on in the world (World War I). She was convinced that she would be able to put an end to the war and stop the violence from happening. Wonder Woman built up strength and put herself up for the challenge.

This movie was highly anticipated by its audience and the movie released June 2. The movie was directed by Patty Jenkins (“Monster”). Gal Gadot returns as Wonder Woman, which she played in “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.”

The National Review website states that movie critics believe “Wonder Woman” is causing controversy because the movie is seen as a women empowerment movie by some viewers. However some believe it is just a summer blockbuster hit. Critics that disagree with viewers that think there is a women empowerment message behind the film believe that the movie was solely created for entertainment purposes. Critics are stating that the movie isn’t as deep as people are making it to be. Being that there is a lot of anticipation that was built up for the film the audience was super excited. Writers for other movies are saying that there is a lesson at the end of the movie that Wonder Woman “Diana” learns. The lesson throughout the movie is taught that humankind is worth saving. The movie is set up for her to go through several issues and things that she has to face but being that Wonder Woman is a brave and rigorous fighter she overcomes all of her battles.

This is the first summer movie night A&T’s Office of Student Activities has held this year. OSA has several other movie nights planned.

A&T  summer session students have to register and signup for some of the other activities for the summer; however, they don’t have to register for the movie nights. A shuttle will provide transportation for the students who need it. The requirements for the activities including the movie night is that the students have to provide their Aggie One cards when they enter and they will be able to participate in the activities. More information can be found here.