As She Walks


Chris Samuel, Contributor

As she walks, others struggle up to measure

Hair laid with perfect texture, using no effort

The elegance is always present, beauty is always there

How could you possibly not stop and stare?

The melanin is rich, compared to the rest she is lavish

Wish upon her like a Hail Mary, her soul I have to catch it

As brother Malcolm, said she is the most left out

Yes, an unfortunate truth

But she remains our first teacher all the way from youth

Whether she’s rocking an afro puff, curls, or weave

No matter what, she always has tricks up her sleeve

She’s forever in shape, no squares in her circular

There is nobody better for me than her, vice versa

Sending praise to her, the sending might as well be a heave,

And as the saying goes

I’d hate to see her go, but I love to watch her leave