Self-love Undone


Courtesy of Akiva' Rooks

Akiva' Rooks, Contributor

No amount of gratification, validation, or fulfillment is worth being stagnant where you don’t belong,


We literally accept the love that we think we deserve,

Compromised with what appears to meet the standards we aren’t even sure is the best that we could ever obtain.


No, don’t breathe in that nature, go,

Hold yourself and triple your price and never feel the need to waiver.


Preserve. Your energy is beautiful and more than enough,

Fill your own pond with the love that we crave. It’s already embedded in us.


Assess. What am I attracting that’s not just taking,

But that’s reflecting the love that God carefully made for us?


Woven precisely beyond the threads I’m able to see,

Invest. Don’t slip or don’t fall.


The best creation that you’ll ever work on is yourself,

And I promise you it’ll aggrandize a limitless wealth in all.


Spiritually I want to nourish,

Mentally I’m becoming more fluent.


Physically I know the potential in the radiance of my glow,

But see God for some reason this passion and this love in me is refusing to let go.


Of a place where I want to give and it’s telling me no,

Of a buildup that’s so intentional but that I wanna’ control.


Heal me and cleanse me,

And regenerate the strongest parts of me.


And if I fall short allow it to be in myself,

A DNA further than anything pressing against my welts.


You gave me this language and I’m wearing it with open arms,

Magnifying it and releasing it with more than just a pen between my palms.


Preserve you told me. Sacred, a special piece,

You know me.


But in the midst of my seeds,

God I’m asking for you to hold me.