Minaj goes too far in latest video: freaky isn’t feminism

Jazmin Gathers

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Nicki Minaj set Twitter ablaze with the release of her new music video for her single, “Anaconda.” Scenes from the video prove that it should be rated “G.” Nicki Minaj is captured necking a banana and shaking her bare behind. As one of the few female hip hop artists, Minaj has been the representation for females in the industry.

She declared herself a feminist earlier this year, after catching heat for the use of a Malcom X image as the single art for her song titled “Lookin A– N—-s.” Is appearing half naked in videos the action of a true feminist?

The release of her cover art revealed what to expect from the music video. The female MC was pictured squatting in a thong with her legs open in some kicks. Many women took to Twitter to express how tasteless and offensive they thought the cover was.

Many believe Minaj is sending the message that women can only make it in the industry by being under-dressed and behaving in a hypersexual manner.

It may be true that sex sells, but as a “feminist” Minaj should attempt to combat the stereotype, instead of perpetuating it.

Minaj’s change of style caused some to believe that she would change from being an “over the top” artist to becoming more realistic in her appearance. She began to wear less weave and makeup. That was far from her “over the top” costume days. After the release of this video, is it safe to say that she may have regressed?

Nicki was clearly engaging the fellas with this Anaconda video, while the majority of her fan base seems to be women. Ladies of all ages, races, and creeds look to her for empowerment and encouragement. It seems as though she has taken a few steps back with her new project. Women are still battling to disassociate sexuality with gratification and respect.

With Nicki’s recent campaign of feminism, it may be time for her to take a new approach and really start promoting empowerment; starting with her attire or lack their of.