Disney gives a new way to stream


Photo Courtesy of Walt Disney Company

Kerrington Barnes, Contributor

Disney debuted its advertisement free streaming service, Disney+, this week to provide viewers with the opportunity to watch content from Disney, Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars and National Geographic.

Though the television network had technical failures and login issues on the first day of its release, the Disney+ app continued to gain 10 million subscribers. This is comparable to HBO, which took three years to hit 5 million subscribers, according to cnet.com.

 The Disney+ App has nearly 500 movies and 7,500 episodes. This includes early animations of Mickey Mouse and Pixar Shorts. The current televised shows as well as new Disney+ originals are also available. Some originals include the first live-action Star Wars series “Mandalorian.”

 Disney+ has a 7 day free trial and after the trial subscribers can pay $6.99 per month, or $69.99 per year. The Disney Company also owns Hulu and ESPN and plan to bundle the three for $13 per month, according to digitaltrends.com. 

Disney purchased Fox at the beginning of 2019, and will add all 30 seasons of “The Simpsons” to the streaming network as well as FX movies in early 2020.

Within 24 hours the app was downloaded 3.2 million times; 89% is from the United States, 9% from Canada and 2% from the Netherlands, according to variety.com. As a collective, there were 1.3 million hours of content streamed on the first day, according to variety.com. 

The Walt Disney Company stock price increased by 7% after the release of the Disney+ app. It is expected for the percentage to be even higher as Disney+ will soon be available to Australia and New Zealand on Nov. 19, 2019. It will also be available on March 31 for Western Europe, United Kingdom, France and Germany. Disney plans to make the streaming service worldwide in the next two years and will be available in Spanish, according to variety.com.